Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud


Insurance Fraud is committed when one party fraudulently obtains some benefit or advantage they are not otherwise entitled to or when a company denies a benefit that is owed. Whether you are negotiating a business contract, purchasing an insurance policy, buying a product or negotiating an employment contract, you have the right to expect the other entity with whom you are dealing to tell you the truth.

Insurance Attorneys


Everyone should feel safe leaving a loved one in a long term health care facility or educational institution. If you believe that your family member has been abused or injured due to neglect, MH lawyers will make sure justice is Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and making sure you get the benefits you were promised. Contact us today for a consultation and review of your case.

Insurance Fraud Case Success Stats

  • Spencer Wood/Bennett Trucking v. Tri-Continental Ins. Co.
  • Estate of Daisy Beasley v. Riverside Turf Farm, Excel Trucking and Ricky Lane
  • Evelyn Crocker v. Union Security and First Alabama Bank