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Morris Haynes continues to work through COVID-19 and remains available 24/7, ready to serve you. We offer easy communications, including phone and video conferencing and email, which allows us to stay in constant contact with our clients and pursue their claims without interruption – all without our clients leaving the comfort of their homes. The courts are still open and court hearings will continue to take place via video conferencing as will mediations and depositions.We’re here to help — let us know what we can do for you.Please stay healthy and safe, we’re here to handle the rest.

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Buildings Closed by Coronavirus Face Another Risk: Legionnaires’ Disease

Buildings Closed by Coronavirus Face Another Risk: Legionnaires’ Disease

It’s no secret that these are unprecedented times—and with unprecedented times come unexpected consequences. Public health experts are urging landlords to open commercial buildings across the world very carefully, to avoid an outbreak of another dangerous disease—Legionnaires. The lack of chlorinated water flowing through pipes, coupled with irregular temperature changes have created the perfect conditions for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease to thrive. Unless the water pipes are properly flushed and sanitized, health experts warn that any facility closed for more than three weeks is at risk for a Legionnaires’ outbreak.

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