Case Results – 1995

Case Results – 1995

Estate of Jill Langley v. Waste-Away

Settlement of $4,000,000 (Tallapoosa County). In this case, a high school cheerleader’s car was struck by a Waste-Away garbage truck while she was driving to school. The firm uncovered evidence that the truck’s brakes were not functioning correctly, that the truck driver had reported the brakes malfunctioning to his dispatcher prior to the incident with Ms. Langley, and that the dispatcher has told the driver to finish his route before returning the truck for repairs.

Rawlinson v. Allstate

Verdict of $1,000,000 (St. Clair County). Rawlinson had a houseboat insured for $24,000. The boat sank and Allstate offered only $4,000, claiming that was the actual cash value of the boat.

Melinda Cain v. Oliver Transportation

Settlement of $882,500 (Shelby County). Mrs. Cain’s husband was killed while sitting on the picket line at a plant on strike when a truck driver barreled through the picket line, striking Mr. Cain. The settlement involved claims against the trucking company for the driver’s conduct, as well as claims against the plant and security force used during the strike for their failure to protect the picket line from this action.

George Austin v. Sears

Settlement of $900,000 (Macon County). This was a personal injury case stemming from repairs negligently performed by Sears to the Austin vehicle.

Janice Scott v. Cincinnati Insurance Co.

Settlement of $800,000 (Dallas County). Fraud in the sale of an insurance policy.

Barbara Owens v. Confidential Defendant

Settlement of $700,000 (Etowah County). Fraud case in the sale of credit life insurance at the time the plaintiff purchased a car from a dealership. This case was settled during the trial.

Cindy Taylor v. Ala/Ga Wood Products

Settlement of $650,000 (Tallapoosa County). Personal injury case stemming from a car wreck.

Elise Williams as administratrix for the Estate of Ricky Williams v. Isuzu

Settlement of $650,000 (U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama). This was a product liability (crash worthiness) case for the wrongful death of Ricky Williams.

Kevin Noles & Leigh Stephens v. Henderson & Coker Co.

Settlement of $650,000 (Tallapoosa County). Drunk driver caused a wreck on the wrong side of the road.

Sarah Adams v. Universal Life Insurance Company

Settlement of $575.000 (Jefferson County). Insurance fraud case.

Smith v. CSX Railroad and City of Lanett

Total settlement of $550,000 (Chambers County), $400,000 settlement with railroad and $150,000 verdict against the City of Lanett due to negligence in maintaining vegetation near a railroad crossing.

Tomlison v. City of Lanett

Verdict of $300,000 (Chambers County). Created new law in Alabama on loss of consortium and the $100,000 municipal cap. (Reported case) Defendant, City of Lanett, failed to replace a stop sign leading to a motor vehicle accident.