Case Results – 1997

Case Results – 1997

Deaton v. Confidential Defendantz

Settlement of $6,000,000 (Etowah County). This was a products liability/breach of contract case between two businesses, stemming from the faulty design of flatbed trailers which were supposed to be used to transport coils of steel.

Clements v. Case, Inc.

Settlement of $1,178,000 (Chambers County). Product liability death case against the manufacturer of a backhoe that jumped out of gear and ran over a nearby worker. Deceased was an 18-year old college student.

Confidential Settlement

Settlement of $1,050,000. This was a confidential lump sum settlement of a number of cases against a large insurance company; most of the cases were brought under a vanishing premium type theory.

Joe Neil Meadows v. J&S Leasing, Inc. & Do-Gooders Transportation

Settlement of $950,000 (Tallapoosa County). This was a wrongful death case, stemming from a vehicular accident in which the defendant had a total of $1,000,000 in liability coverage.

Georgia H. Walker v. Shaver Manufacturing Company

Settlement of $882,500 (Tallapoosa County). A personal injury case arising from a product liability claim against the manufacturer of an auger. The operator was injured when his coat sleeve caught in the auger, amputating his hand.

William Jordan v. Hub Trucking

Settlement of $800,000 (Coosa County). This was a personal injury case stemming from a vehicular accident.

Confidential Settlement

Settlement of $765,000 by a confidential defendant for vanishing premiums fraud in the selling of life insurance.

Peden v. Confidential Defendants

Settlement of $420,000 (Colbert County). Approximately 20 plaintiffs were represented in a fraud case concerning the purchase of TV satellite systems. They were misled about the length of time to pay off the financing.