Case Results – 1999

Case Results – 1999

McNatt et al v. Franklin Life Insurance Company

Nationwide class action settlement in the estimated range of $60 million (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama). The allegations were vanishing premium fraud, wherein the defendants and their agents misled policyholders about the years they would have to pay premiums in their life insurance policies. The firm represented one of the named class representatives along with several other firms.

L.B. Ballard v. Mahindra Tractor Company

Settlement of $861,500 (Tallapoosa County). Product liability claim against a tractor company headquartered in Bombay, India and a dealership located in Talladega, Alabama. The claims against the defendants were based on a design defect in the tractor’s transmission system leading to run over accident and crush injuries to plaintiff’s chest.

Cassie Rose v. Loomis Fargo

Settlement of $700,000 (Jefferson County). Cassie Rose and her daughter, Anitra Rose, suffered serious bodily injuries when a Loomis Fargo van suddenly pulled out in front of their automobile.

Mason v. State Farm

Settlement of $315,000 (Etowah County). Harold Mason alleged State Farm misled him when he purchased a life insurance policy. He was told he would only have to pay premiums for nine years on his new life insurance policy, when in fact Mr. Mason would have owed premiums until he turned age niney-five.