Latest News on the Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease at UAB

Latest News on the Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease at UAB

The Birmingham news media has recently been exploding with stories about the outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease among patients on the Hematology/Oncology unit at the Women and Children’s center. Here are a few of them:

Two People Have Died at UAB from Legionnaire’s Disease

More Information on UAB’s Reporting of the Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak

UAB Won’t Report When the Legionnaire’s Disease Patients Died

While the Legionella bacteria is ubiquitous in nature, the circumstances under which a person may develop Legionnaire’s Disease are limited to situations that should not occur.  Legionella can only cause Legionnaire’s Disease if the bacteria is inhaled, and normally the only way the bacteria can be inhaled is if it is present in some form of water vapor, such as steam or mist.  Most of the time, Legionnaire’s Disease can be traced to faulty maintenance or cleaning procedures of either bathroom fixtures, hot tubs or water in cooling towers for large buildings.  If you or a family member have been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s Disease, please consider consulting with attorneys such as ourselves who specialize in Legionnaire’s Disease cases.