Amanda Luker

After graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law and her subsequent admittance to the Alabama State Bar in 2010, Amanda felt compelled to focus her work on restoring justice to those who have been harmed or injured by the wrongful acts of others.  Today, she remains honored to have the opportunity to seek justice for each of her clients and takes this responsibility very seriously.  She recognizes the importance of each case she handles, as well as the role that each of these cases plays in ensuring a safer and better future for us all.

Amanda’s main goal is to exceed her client’s expectations and to provide her clients with the representation they both need and deserve.  Amanda considers herself very fortunate to have been able to represent clients seeking redress for their own injuries, as well as the wrongful deaths of their loved ones, under various theories of liability against medical providers, product manufacturers, engineers, insurance providers, hotels, employers, common carriers, careless drivers, and federal, state, and local governmental entities.   While Amanda understands that each of her client’s cases are unique, she also appreciates the importance of being able to build on her prior experience to deliver the best results possible. A native of Coosa County, Amanda works in the Alexander City office of Morris, Haynes, but welcomes the opportunity to represent and assist clients wherever their needs exist.


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