Gun Defects

Gun Accidents


When a firearm discharges unintentionally, many people automatically assume that the cause was user error. Do not make this assumption. Unintentional firearm discharges are not always the user’s fault. Poorly designed or defective guns are dangerous even when used properly. Let us determine if a poorly designed gun played a role or was the main cause of the unintended discharge of the firearm.

Gun Defect Attorneys


Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience making sure our clients are properly compensated. Gun defect or liability cases can involve any party along the chain of manufacturing. Wrongdoings can involve neglect, breach of warranty of several other things. Let us put our knowledge and experience to determine which parties were involved and help you or your loved one today.

Gun Defect Case Success Stats

  • Maroney v. Taurus International Manufacturing, inc., et al.