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Gun Defects

Defective Gun Cases

Firearms should not discharge unintentionally, but sometimes they do. A firearm is defective anytime it fires without the trigger being pulled. For instance, if a gun explodes, fires when the slide is cycled, fires when it is dropped or impacted against a hard surface, or fires when it is shaken or jostled, it is defective. When a firearm is defective, any party who designed, manufactured, tested, imported, or distributed the weapon can be responsible by law. Let us determine if a poorly designed gun played a role or was the main cause of the unintended discharge of the firearm.

Gun Accidents and Defective Firearm Lawsuits

Guns are  one of the only consumer products that aren’t tested by the federal government. The gun industry is exempt from all federal safety and health regulations, making it so that federal agencies cannot require gun manufacturers to recall defective guns, ammunition, or gun accessories. Just like with recalls for airbags and other car parts, gun owners are at the mercy of the gun manufacturer to issue a recall, which may not be issued before the gun defect presents a dangerous problem for the gun owner. 


According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, up to 40 percent of new guns come with some degree of defect. That’s a concerning statistic that means millions of people across the country have a gun in their home that poses a potentially fatal danger to them and their family. If you believe you have a gun with a defect, or if there’s been an unintended gun discharge that you believe was caused by a gun defect, our law firm is equipped to represent you.


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Our attorneys have over 250 years of combined experience making sure our clients are properly compensated. Gun defect or liability cases can involve any party along the chain of manufacturing. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work to determine which parties are responsible. Contact us for a free consultation to get your case started.

Gun Defect Case Success Stats

  • Maroney v. Taurus International Manufacturing, inc., et al.